This is my 1969 Chevy C20 4x4 Page brought to you by Yukon Jack

This is my 1969 Chevy C20 4x4 Page brought to you by Yukon Jack

This is how my truck looked when I bought it

I purchased this truck during the summer of 1999 to haul hay. The owner was asking $2000.00 but we agreed on $1,750.00. The truck has a 307 with a two barrel carb, three speed on the column. I orginally thought it had the NP205 transfer case but I have since discovered it has a Rockwell T221 transfer case. The Rockwell has a low rear drive shaft output which is a plus in regards to decreased drive shaft angle. The truck also has heavy duty springs front and rear. This was definitely a work truck - no power steering, power brakes or air condition. Also, it runs 4.56 gears and has a Detroit Locker in the rear. Soon I got a hay trailer and found myself in a dilema - the trailers hitch sits higher than the trucks bumper . Rather than going the inexpensive route getting a drop hitch, I decided the best fix would be to lift the truck.

Here are two photos of my truck's Rockwell T221 transfer case.

Here is a photo of my truck's stock 307 with the oil breather air cleaner - its not exactly a high horsepower machine - someday!.

Below are some pictures showing how my truck's stock suspension flex's. After I put the lift under the truck I will post some additional photos.

Click here or on the photo of the lift components for my 1969 Chevy C20 Lift Page